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    About Us

    Since its inception in 2003, the Vital Forests / Vital Communities Initiative developed and implemented strategies to promote the connection between a healthy forest-based economy, healthy forest ecosystems and healthy communities.

    The work was guided by an Advisory Board, and focused on a set of objectives that fell within three focus areas: forested land base and resource, forest management and economic development:

    • Forested Land Base and Resource
      • Maintain Minnesota’s forest resource base and reduce losses caused by conversion, parcelization, and fragmentation of private lands and disposal of public lands.
      • Capture and enhance the productivity of Minnesota’s forests for forest products and consumption.
    • Forest Management
      • Establish ecologically-based forest management as the norm in Minnesota.
      • Increase the number of acres of private, non-industrial woodland being actively and sustainably managed.
      • Increase public understanding of forest management and practices and the role they play in ensuring resource health, quality, and productivity for vital communities.
    • Economic Development
      • Create new products and markets for Minnesota’s wood products industry.
      • Enhance the operating efficiency and economic viability of Minnesota’s wood products industry.
      • Increase the number of acres of private woodland and number of forest products companies under third-party certification.
      • Increase the capacity of the forest management services sector (ex: logging operators, professional foresters).

    To learn more about the VFVC Initiative, visit the Projects section of this website.

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