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    Family Forest Stewardship

    Minnesota's family forests are a resource of enormous economic and ecological value. They make up about 32 percent, or 5.3 million acres of the state’s forestland, and accounting for about 35 percent of the wood harvested and marketed.

    Informed by a 2003 "Call to Action" Conference, refined through research, and shaped by the VFVC Advisory Board, our family forest stewardship convenings, projects, and grants deliver on the Initiative's strategies to:

    • Foster collaborative approaches to natural resource management issues and build on existing efforts.
    • Leverage local assets, expertise, and experience.
    • Move research and knowledge into practice through the development and promulgation of tools, resources, information, and incentives.
    • Promote public understanding and appreciation of the economic, social, and environmental benefits of commodity and non-commodity values of the forest.

    Accomplishments to date are many. We invite you to reed the February 2009 report, Family Forest Stewardship in Minnesota: Delivering on the Next Million Acres for a complete listing. 

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