• VFVC Newsletter - GFTW Edition 2005

    August 1, 2005

    This special edition is dedicated to Goods from the Woods: Enhancing Stewardship and Livelihoods - a unique celebration of Minnesota's forest-based businesses and northern culture.

    September 16-18 will feature in Grand Rapids three days of forest education, hands-on demonstrations and forest-based product showcases during the Goods from the Woods Woodland Owner and User Conference and 'Up North' Marketplace.

    Historically, Goods from the Woods was established as a project of the Vital Forests/Vital Communities Initiative. Now in its third year, Goods from the Woods thrives as a vibrant public-private partnership between organizations and businesses committed to promoting connections between a healthy local forest products industry and healthy forest ecosystems to create vital local economies with widely shared benefits.

    Since its inception, Goods from the Woods has touched more than 9,000 people through marketplace showcases, educational programs and policy efforts promoting sustainable harvesting practices.

    If you are among those lucky individuals who have experienced Goods from the Woods, you already know what we are talking about. If you aren't one yet, here is our invitation to take a walk through the Northwoods with Goods from the Woods.

    This sneak preview showcases the uniqueness Goods from the Woods offers you and your family.

    For more information visit GoodsfromtheWoods.org.  

    'Up North' Marketplace - Saturday, September 17 and Sunday, September 18

    IRA Civic Center, Grand Rapids, MN - Free Admission

    Two days packed with events featuring:  

    > Kiwanis blueberry pancake breakfast
    > 120 vendors of Minnesota-made forest-based products
    > Master crafters and artisans
    > Native American Dancing and Drumming
    > Hands-on demonstrations by guest artisans from Sweden, Africa and Canada
    > Music & family fun
    > Foods of the Northwoods

     Hands-on demonstrations > Bill Jaeger - A popular instructor at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis, Bill will demonstrate traditional Scandinavian flat plane figure carving.
    > Anja Sundberg - A woodcrafter from Northern Sweden and an instructor of woodcarving at Saterglantan, A Swedish folkschool.
    > Fred Yiran - A drum maker from Cameroon, Africa, Fred will demonstrate traditional African drum making using Minnesota wood.
    > Jennifer Neptun - A Penobscot traditional basketmaker and beadworker, Jennifer will demonstrate making miniature baskets, replicas of antique baskets and beadwork.
      Products at the marketplace Birch Bark Canoes > Carved Owls > Custom Cabinetry > Willow Baskets > Heritage-Quality Benches > Hand-Knapped Knives Hardwood Flooring and Paneling > Fine Turned Bowls > Woven Birch Bark Ornaments > Bent-Willow Planters and Garden Furniture > Rustic Tables > Beeswax > Pounded-Flower Pillows and Textiles > Windsor Chairs > Salves, Balms and Medicinal Herbs Traditional Wild Rice and Maple Syrup >Wooden Lamps > Moose Planters and Cribbage Boards > Pine Log Sliding   Family fun and music 

    > Children's activities - Making paper from trees, meet and get your picture taken with famous forest animals and learn the talk and the walk of Minnesota forest animals and much more...
    > Mission Lake Drum and Dance Troupe - Splendid and extraordinary! Young, emerging artist-dancers will perform in their Native tradition of dress and movement.
    > Mary, Don and Bill LaPlant and Caleigh - Straight from the heart of Northern Minnesota - the artists will perform a repertoir of songs in the tradition of Bluegrass and folk.


    Woodland Owner and User Conference - Friday, September 16

    Goods from the Woods Woodland Owner and User Conference is designed for individuals who own forest lands and anyone with an interest in nature and forest management issues.

    The conference is organized in partnership with the University of Minnesota Extension Service, Itasca-County Woodlands Committee and Minnesota Forestry Association.

    Conference fee is $25 and includes a dinner.

    REGISTER today at 888.649.8705! Onsite registration will be accepted.  

    Sessions include:

    The Land and People of Northern Manitoba - Dave Buck, Northern Forest Diversification Centre, The Pas, Manitoba, Canada

    Dave will talk about the people of Canada and how they connect with their environment in new, exciting ways, earning income from the land. The Northern Forest Diversification Centre, established in 2000, offers realistic practical income generating ideas that are aligned with local values, based on local resources for the benefit of local people. The Northern Forest Diversification Centre has generated excitement and interest across Canada, Mexico, Russia and now Minnesota!

    The Changing Northwoods - Eli Sagor, University of Minnesota Extension

    Learn about the ecology and history of Northern Minnesota's woods. You'll see recent examples of insect and natural disturbance damage and learn the ways that forests and people respond to these changes.

    Taxes & Family Forests - Mike Reichenbach, University of Minnesota Extension

    Learn to minimize taxes you pay on your woodland. Explore tax implications related to acquisition and sale of land, timber, forest products, equipment, tree planting, timber stand improvement and cost-share payments.

    Owls of Minnesota - Jeff Hines, MN Department of Natural Resources

    Come and hear what makes owls unique and special. From the top of their heads to their bottom of their feet owls have developed special adaptations to survive. Explore habitat needs and how you can help keep owls around your back woods.

    Going Nuts! Collecting Seeds and Cones - Craig Van Sickle, MN Department of Natural Resources

    Explore ways to improve utilization from your forest and discuss harvesting ideas for harvest coordination on your woodlot.

    What’s Bugging Your Trees? - Mike Albers, DNR Forest Health Specialist

    Forests are important, providing economic, ecological and social benefits. Learn about what it takes to keep a forest green and growing and how to combat exotic invasive threats.

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